Dr. Barbra Portzline, is the President at Organizational Rebel LLC, the co-developer of the P6 Assessment, and the creator of Sherot® Oracle Cards.

With over two decades of hands-on engagement in coaching, practicing, consulting, and teaching, Dr. Barbra Portzline has first-hand experience in the ebb and flow of individual and organizational growth and the pitfalls, challenges, opportunities and dynamics that fuel successful individuals and businesses. She works with both corporations and entrepreneurs helping them implement cost effective strategies to create sustainable profits and reduce financial waste.

Her clients have achieved such results as launching signature programs, turning side hustles into profitable businesses, increasing long term revenue over 30%, successfully launching product lines, and transition from nearly shutting down their business to becoming profitable. Additionally, she has determined return on investments for her corporate clients and saved corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After realizing her psychic and intuitive gifts Barbra now incorporates a combination of her extensive organizational development experience and her gift of intuition to help clients generate more leads, convert them to clients for life and action their soul purpose into a sustainable company aligned with their vision.

Her work supports a cross-discipline, integrated approach to strategy, which is like no other.


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 “Incredibly intelligent, organized, intuitive, and really knows how to find money in your existing business! Barbra worked with our nonprofit organization and we could never have imagined how much more monetary support we could bring in. In the nonprofit world, having the extra money to put back into the community is literally GOLD. $331,440 was the amount we were able to find – we could not be happier!”

Roberta Chavez, State of the Heart Recovery

“I have worked with Barbra during the most tying times a small business can face, pandemic shutdown. She helped me to move my business to the next level and opened the door of possibilities to help me. Her integrity, compassion, clear and defined coaching is worth more than I can say. Work with her if you struggle because she will help you overcome all hurdles.”

Michelle Vidal, Resonant Essentials

“I recently went through a Profit Acceleration Session with Barbra Portzline and really found it valuable. After getting some information from me about my business, Barbra was able to show me how implementing some targeted changes in my business could add up to a big increase in the bottom line of my business. Specifically, my session showed me how I could increase the profit in my business by $117,000! I loved the process and the software she used to calculate how those changes translate to dollars. I would highly recommend the process to anyone looking for some guidance on making changes to improve their business and boost the bottom line.”

Tracy Meguire, Founder, She Profits Solo

“I met with Barbra and she found quite a bit of money in my business using extremely conservative numbers. Working with her and using the report provided has helped me see my business in a new light and I love it. Thank you, Barbra!

Chantay Jennings, Virtual Partners Plus, LLC


“Since [working with Barbra] my business revenue has grown 30%. I have hired my first employee, obtained my own private label skin care line, and spend less time spinning and more time winning.  Barbra is a gifted intuitive strategic business planner.  She effectively crunches the numbers, points out the obvious,  and sets people into action like no other. I am forever grateful.”

Kristin Near, Botanica Spa & Salon

“Working with Barbra has been an amazing experience. You won’t get put on the top of the mountain, you have to climb it and having someone give you a roadmap to do this saves you countless hours and $$ trying things that don’t work.  My business has doubled and it has never been easier because of working with Barbra.”

Natalie Fallbach, Loan Depot

“As a result of working with Barbra I now have a Signature Presentation, a Signature Program and 7 new clients!”

Mercedes Wharton, Timmies Closet

“Barbra changed the way I looked at growing my business. By implementing her techniques and systems, my business has sky rocketed! She’s extremely knowledgeable, hold you accountable, supports you all the way and provides results!”

Iris Romero, Iris Romero Lifestyle

“Barbra is a Sales Maven—one of the sharpest business women I know! Her unique mix of tactical business sense and spiritually-tapped creative side topped with a ‘no nonsense’ approach make for a powerful one-two punch in getting entrepreneurs where they want to be. Super generous with her knowledge too. “

Val Romero, Woman Make a Difference

“Barbra is my go-to person for all things business. She listens to her clients and finds the right interventions based on their needs. As a result of working with Barbra I refined my signature program and developed a high value webinar. I am forever grateful. I recommend her 100% hands down.”

Ildiko Oravecz, High Performance Consulting

“I continue to be impressed by the breadth and depth of the knowledge, insight and expertise in program evaluation and consulting, as well as the high quality work she consistently produces for our cancer prevention program at the New Mexico Department of Health. She has worked on small- and large-scale projects for our program and I am always confident that her guidance will result in top-notch products that we use to benefit and promote our programs. I would absolutely recommend hiring her to design and implement a high quality evaluation plan that will be useful, on target, and relevant!”
Christine Brown, Program Manager, Department of Health, Comprehensive Cancer Program

“[Barbra] exemplifies what an evaluator should be. She combines rigorous academic training with varied and deep professional experience. As such, she is able to bring exactly the right formula for whatever evaluation needs exist in a particular project or organization… is keenly observant, an amazing planner, and knows how to work within budgets and project scopes of all sizes. As if that is not enough, she also teaches college-level courses and mentors emerging evaluators. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Marissa Nordstrom, Administrative Project Manager, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

 As a business owner, I was a bit skeptical as to what she was going to do in a day but I committed to giving it a shot. That day drastically changed my life both personally and in business. Barbra’s uncanny ability to brainstorm brilliant ideas on the fly makes her extremely special and incredibly unique. Within that daily intensive, I not only left with a new business product that I had never considered before but a plan on how to roll it out. Barbra’s positivity and approach to business through abundance is something I wish this world had more of. She is compassionate but carries a no nonsense approach. I can guarantee that anyone who signs up with Barbra will not only get a new perspective but they will experience success – her suggestions work if you do.”

Jessica Gentry, Managing Partner GJ and Associates, LLC

“Using her business assessment tool and her almost shocking ability to see even beyond the assessment and get to what matters most next so quickly, Dr. Portzline was able to offer accurate insights and make strategic and targeted suggestions. Her insights were not limited to how to cut through the external noise and confusion about how to achieve new business growth. She was also candid and caring in helping me to understand what shifts I needed to make internally in order to be more in alignment with implementing long-term growth goals. Things that I could not see.”

Pam Rosen, Human Development and Communications Strategist, Light Heart Communications, LLC

[Barbra] partnered with me on the change management strategy and plan for an ERP implementation in the public sector. She is highly collaborative and flexible, and I greatly valued her input and perspective to the project. She quickly became a trusted advisor. I would absolutely work with her again if the opportunity arose.”

Cheryl Puterbaugh Sr. Manager, Change Management and Communication at Coca-Cola Beverages Florida

“Barbra amazed me when she talked with me about the revision of the NM Cancer Plan. She has a unique ability to see things from both the inside out and the outside in; recognizing the whole, but identifying and valuing every tiny piece within it. She is a word-smith extraordinaire and was a vital component in the revision process. She is also a delight to work with!”

Tresa VanWinkle Executive Director at CAPPED, Inc.

“She is extremely client-focused, detail and outcome oriented, and is able to build client confidence and bring tangible impact and ROI. I hope I am fortunate enough to work with her again in the future!”

Dawn Allynn, Dawn Allynn Photography

“Barbara is an amazing consultant, she always has the patience to understand, guide and inspire. I have learned so much from her and applied into my own practice. You won’t be disappointed.”

 Rocio Holguin

“Barbra offers her clients incomparable skills, tremendous value, and top results. A true professional.”

Mindy Abramson, Distinguishing Style

“Barbra connects with every person she works with on a personal level to provide the exact customized service they need.”

Shelley Carney,  A Gypsy’s Kiss

“Barbra is a passionate business intuitive who can make a real difference in the lives and professional successes of her clients.”

Barbara Kline, Business Broker

 “I struggled with my mindset and how to start a business before I met Barbra. After working with her, I learned key strategies to launch and continue to build a successful business. If you need to identify solutions to grow your business, Barbra can help!”

 Tayloria Grant, One Full Life

“I have attended a few of Barbra’s workshops and always leave with helpful nuggets I can apply to my business right away. She truly understands and teaches others how to increase profitability by working smarter, not harder. If you haven’t met Barbra, I suggest you schedule an appointment to do so. “

Jennifer Jaciw

“Every time I speak with Barbra I have an “AHA!” moment. She excels at understanding your business where you are leaving money on the table. If you are just getting started or want to scale your business, you need to call Barbra.”

Roger Gallegos, Beacon Marketing

“Barbra has the insight and coaching ability to help anyone in any type of business grow and prosper.”

Alexa Smith, Stargazer

“Barbra genuinely cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to make sure they reach their business goals.”

Shannon Morrison, Morrison Associates

“Writing a testimonial for Barbra Portzline is incredibly easy! This woman knows her shit! I had a profit acceleration session and was amazed at the report with so many easy ideas that I can implement into my business to increase my profit! I highly recommend Barbra, you will not be disappointed!”

Elaine Turso, Elaine The Brain

“If you are ready to cut through the bs and get a step up in life, stop making excuses and really want to focus on your success as well as your business’s success. Barbra is just the person you need to work with to get to that level. Barbra makes sure that in every session she has with you, you are getting something of value and are continuing to grow, rather than just stay stagnant. She also makes you feel comfortable asking whatever question you feel like asking even though deep down you may think it is a dumb question. With open conversations and amazing resources and tools at your hands, Barbra makes you feel as if you yourself can be a boss by being you and putting in the work necessary to see growth and success. Barbra has helped me increase my confidence, workflow and has provided me tools in my toolbox I did not have before. She has given me a template for success and confidence. It is now up to me and YOU to decide what we will do with it. “

Ashley Martinez Development Director at Cudiando Los Niños