• The Power of the Pivot

    Recently, I had a client who was miserable in his finance job. He would complain nonstop. When, I asked him, “What do you really wanted to do?”, he told me that he wanted to own a flower shop. So, I asked him if this was his desire, why was he still working in finance? He shared with me that he

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    Panicking About Money – The Solution

    Do you know what it feels like to wake up in the middle of the night panicking about not being able to pay the bills? I do. Are you throwing metaphorical spaghetti against the walls hoping something will stick and bring in some cash? I did. Have you/do you sort through your pile of bills to see who

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    Calling Enlightened Entrepreneurs

    Everybody needs community, right? A place where they feel safe, can ask questions, talk about finances and the challenges of being an entrepreneur. And a place to celebrate triumphs, and get advice about struggles. Where people aren’t jealous, or judgey, and will help them, and where they can

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