• Time is ticking and your dream of quitting your J.O.B. and living your passion is slowly being put further on the back burner.

    What is truly holding you back?

    You know you are amazing at everything you do. People always say they wish they could "clone you" because you are so driven, competent, and qualified.

    So why are you putting your company's dreams before yours?

    What if.... you trusted in yourself 100%

    What if.....you had someone helping you to walk that path

    What if....you committed to yourself as much as you committed to the job?

  • If you are really READY....let's talk!

    I help people stuck in corporate America design a company in alignment with their soul purpose using my proprietary career transition process.


    I Need An Escape Plan

  • Barbra and I met middle of 2016. Her powerful presence definitely pulled me in and made me want to know more about her. I signed up to do a daily intensive. As a business owner, I was a bit skeptical as to what she was going to do in a day but I committed to giving it a shot. That day drastically changed my life both personally and in business. Barbra's uncanny ability to brainstorm brilliant ideas on the fly makes her extremely special and incredibly unique. Within that daily intensive, I not only left with a new business product that I had never considered before but a plan on how to roll it out. Barbra's positivity and approach to business through abundance is something I wish this world had more of. She is compassionate but carries a no nonsense approach. I can guarantee that anyone who signs up with Barbra will not only get a new perspective but they will experience success - her suggestions work if you do.

    Jessica Gentry, Managing Partner GJ and Associates, LLC

  • I have worked with her on several occasions, and have seen her in action on at least three projects. She is a very knowledgeable, dedicated, and thorough individual with boundless energy to see a project through. Watching her navigate and draw together her resources is truly amazing! She is extremely client-focused, detail and outcome oriented, and is able to build client confidence and bring tangible impact and ROI. I hope I am fortunate enough to work with her again in the future!

    Dawn Allynn, Dawn Allyn Photography