• Go ahead + click here... we know you want to!

      Go ahead + click here... we know you want to!

    • As someone who has experienced repeated and complex trauma in my life,

      I realized how the workplace really reinforced a lot of the same feelings for me for many years.

      Feeling stuck, worthless, trapped, and hopeless. Organizations are like a family.

      Many are like a dysfunctional family -where the same crazy plays out.

      It's not always that easy to make a switch.

      To move from a place of knowing what to expect, even though it may suck, to a place of the unknown is super scary.

      It takes way more than just a plan.

      It takes a mindset shift, it takes creativity, it takes intentionality and it takes action.

      I can help!

      As an Organizational Intuitive and Business Strategist, I use a combination of

      deep organizational development experience and my gift of intuition to help you

      1.) Discover your soul purpose.

      2.) Remove limiting beliefs and blocks.

      3.) Action your soul purpose into a sustainable business aligned with your vision.


    • Before I began to work with the incomparable Barbra Portzline, I was unclear about how to: articulate my vision of how I served my clients, create high value programming content, and prioritize the various moving pieces that comes with being a female entrepreneur. Her prowess, expertise, intuitive knowledge and passion empowered me to not only break through some self limiting beliefs about what I was capable of, but gave me clear action as to next steps to effectively launch my signature program. Finally after over a year of feeling stagnant and overwhelmed, Barbra helped me articulate the content of my brand to best serve my tribe and achieve my dream and passion of helping women Rock their Habits Even More!!! I am truly appreciative and grateful to learn from Barbra, and consider her to not only be a highly valued member of my tribe, but a dear friend that cares deeply for those she works with.

      Hi-D Bridges Creator of Rocking Habits

    • I first worked with Barbara at Organizational Rebel in a one day workshop at her office. Immediately I knew I needed to continue working with her and signed up for a 6 week business coaching package. Since then my business revenue has grown by 30 %. I have hired my first employee , obtained my own private label skin care line and spend less time spinning and more time Winning! Barbara is a gifted intuitive strategic business planner.She effectively crunches the numbers, points out the obvious and sets people into action like no other. I am forever grateful.

      Kristin Near, Botanica Skin & Brow Studio

    • I recently quit my traditional full time job without having anything else lined up, and have been questioning whether to continue with my jewelry side business, or if it's time to close shop and move on. Barbra was able to provide the information I need in order to bring changes to both my life and my business that will result in a dynamic and exciting adventure that just may be able to eliminate my need to find a traditional full time job - and I'm so excited to get started! Barbra is so balanced in her approach - her intuition is powerful, she is extremely intelligent, her demeanor is direct yet loving, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. If you find yourself ready for more, I highly recommend working with her!

      Lisa H